York Stone front door steps London

York stone front door porch step londonAdding York stone to your pathway really brings out the colour in the geometric tiles. We install them perfectly with the tiles and usually line them up with a border, creating a crisp stunning feature!



In this step we had to very carefully cut it around the pillars. These brick pillars where sitting on the old York stone slab which we had to cut out.

A fairly simple tile design made very effective by the addition of this complimentary York stone step.




York stone step for a pathway in London

This is a basic tile design but combined with this stone step turned out to be a very cool installation. These stone steps will set you back about £200 a step plus pallet/delivery charge. More steps are therefore cheaper.



This is a semi bullnosed step (half bullnosed or rounded) and they are a bit cheaper to get made up. These are about £150 a step (plus pallet/delivery). We generally use them in the front like this one above or they can be used as a standard step (see next image)