Victorian pathways

You really cant go wrong with one of these brand spanking new Victorian tiled pathways! We install them as good as they can be and aim for 100%. We use no spacings and so you get an authentic look with minimal grout which is always the first thing to look ugly.

They come in all different styles and if you get in touch we can discuss the perfect design for your property. Please be aware we DO NOT offer the quick cheap installations and will only use authentic tiles. We like to take our time and get every one we do flat and perfect.

Up untill now we have never seen a more quality tiled pathway on any street where we have been working. So we can confidently say that with us you will have the best tiled pathway on the street! (unless we have already worked there 🙂

We also install York stone in combination with these tiled pathways that really compliments them well. We cover London Hertfordshire and also Essex. Please check with us though as we do end up travelling all over the place for work.