Victorian Tiling Specialists (North West London)

Victorian Creations are installers of specialist Victorian tiles (Original Style & Olde English)
We have been in this game for many years and our quality is absolutely top class.

We install York stone steps and can do the associated building work for any pathways we install.

We also restore these Victorian/Minton style tiles (usually in hallways). The installation below we installed in Camden/Plendar Street (NW1). As you can see nothing else compares to these tiles installed correctly, and with their durability they will be there for many years. So add something amazing to your house!

If you are thinking of a Victorian style project please do get in touch and we will assist you with the design and tiles ordering process (which can be quite tricky:) The design above is known as a Blenheim 4 colour with a Telford border and a “green” scheme. 

York stone is something that always looks good when used in conjunction with these Victorian tiles. Areas such as Maida Vale, Kilburn, Paddington and Queens Park usually have a flight of stairs leading up to the front door. With this set up York stone and some form of black and white tiling always looks both classy and traditional.

Standart Border and 5x5 Victorian checkerboard pattern on this pathway

This one we actually installed in Ealing, however it is a pretty timeless design. We always find the original tiling is in the 5 cm tiles as in the pic above. However people do step up the tiles size these days to make things a bit cheaper and also less visually busy. (see pic below)