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North & West London stone tilersStone tiling is something that can completely transform rooms within a home. Stone,being a natural product,like fine Oak or Teak, creates a certain quality that can not be rivaled with modern equivalents or substitutes. It is a refined type of quality, and a home that makes use of natural products always exudes an  unobvious  sense of class!


The success of stone tiling

depends partly on the finish of the stone and stone tiling will require regular upkeep and maintenance. Just as one would lovingly oil or polish their favorite oak furniture. This is something we are passionate about and will offer you sound sdvice on maintaining your stone.


Stone resurfacing

Quite often it is very possible to clean and resurface the stone to almost completely renew it.The stone is stripped of its top layers and then refinished to a polished or honed effect. Provided deep staining is removable this is a very cost effective option.

Stone Patterns

There are many different designs and patterns that can be use in stone tiling that can make your stone floor look even better.

We are all rounders and undertake the installation of brickslips allong with wetroom installations. So for bathroom fitters and installers give us a call.

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