Ordering Body tiles and Border tiles

hallway-measuringBody Tiles

Please note you can call us to measure and order your tiles for you, however if you wish to do it yourself please read on..

To order your Victorian tiles you first need to measure the whole floor area. To do this one simply has to break the floor into big imaginary square chunks and then take a simple length and width measurement.

Multiply the measurements together and you will have the area of the sections. This one will be 1x 2.4 m = 2.4m2  and 1.2 x 1 m = 1.2m2

For the awkward part in the middle that looks like a triangle use the measurements that you know. So in this case 1m x 1.2 m . Then divide the whole thing by 2 as it is a triangle which = 0.6m2 

With these awkward areas you can just make an educated guess and rather be over than under. So this one is 2.4+1.2+0.6 = 4.2m2



bordersmeasuringThe borders will have an area measurement of their own which must be subtracted from the body area so that you dont order to many body tiles. You will find they will be something like 13cm (each one is different) multiplied by the linear meterage of where they will be going.

So all the borders combined in this example are 10.8 linear meters. Assuming this border is 13cm wide we multiply 10.8m x 0.13m = 1.405m2

So border area is 1.405m2

Total area is 4.2m2

Subtract them and we are left with a body area of  2.795m2

So to order these you need to purchase 10.8 linear meters of border and 2.795m2 of body tiles

Personally I would order 11.8 meters of border and 3.5 meters of tiles. When one lays these tiles it becomes evident that there are multiple options for design details for things like doors etc. It is just much better to have more tiles to work with than less. If you have any queries please contact me and I will assist in any way possible. Russ 07792508073,