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Ceramico Tilers are experts at the installation of wetrooms. With a team of professional tilers and working relationships with plumbers,electricians and cabinet makers,we believe we can deliver a top quality result every time whilst suiting the project to your needs.We are based in North London and we have many happy clients.

Wetrooms are a very nice addition to a bathroom space and create a very open feeling within a bathroom.They look good and always stand out as a prominent feature adding value to a home. The problem with the installation of a wetroom is that it really needs to be done perfectly.

Wetroom installation

Many times we have been called out to leaking wetrooms that have been installed by reputable builders that failed within 2 years. We find that no matter how good the designer is or how good the overall bathroom installation is. It all goes “pear shaped” if the waterproofing and tiling is rushed!

This is something we feel strongly about and we will provide a written guarantee for the  longevity of wetrooms that we undertake. There is nothing worse than removing your brand new tiles and undoing the labor it took to lay them to repair a waterproofing leak when your builder is long gone!

With expert knowledge of waterproofing systems and materials, along with many years of  wetroom installation experience we can guarantee the quality of your project. Please get in touch for a meeting and estimation where we can discuss your bathroom design and wetroom options.