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Free Marble polishing course London | Sponsored by Amir Patwa 07711383101

Marble polishing course LondonAmir Patwa

When it comes to the art of Marble and stone polishing and cleaning Amir Patwa is considered one of the leading experts the industry.

With over 40 years experience and after many prestigious jobs he is with out doubt one of the best in the game today and is considered a ” Guru” in the stone restoration/marble polishing world!



Free Marble polishing Course.

Amir actively supports the stone care industry and frequently hosts a free day long stone care and polishing course. Yes that’s right absolutely free! I myself attended the course and was absolutely stunned by the quality of the arrangement and content.

Course details

The course is held at the Vermulen garden centre near Heathrow airport. TW19 6AE. Amir hosts about 1 free course a month which sometimes fall on a Saturday or a working day. Amir has said that he is going to start hosting another free day course as well that just focuses on stain removal. You can contact Amir on 07711383101 for details and course dates.

The course daily activity

You will be amazed at the content of this course as you will learn things that you did not know before ( even as a professional tiler).

The day begins with a introduction where you will meet both Amir and other professionals such as masons, tilers, and cleaning professionals that have all come to learn. There is also free coffee, snacks and refreshments that everyone is welcome to.

The morning:

The course begins with the practical explanation and use of resins and waxes that are used in stone repair and maintenance.  Hand held polishers are used through out this part where everyone is encouraged to ” have a go” and participate. Throughout the entire process there are dozens of questions being asked and answered by Amir.

The barbecue:

There is then a free barbecue hosted by Amir where you are encouraged to help yourself and socialise where you will get the opportunity to collect a decent little pile of business cards from relevant professionals to your industry 🙂



The afternoon:

In the afternoon the course moves on to floor polishing machines and explanations. You will be encouraged to partake and feel what it is like to use these machines. Amir explains the subtle nuances in controlling them and then also demonstrates an entire host of attachments and polishing materials from course grinding stones to fine polishing pads and powders. Needles to say that by the end you will have a pretty good idea of how to use one of them effectively.



IMG-20130727-00111The last part:

After everyone has “had a go” and is fed there is a general discussion that goes on for hours centring on stone polishing,previous jobs and experiences etc. You are free to leave at any time but this is the part where you get to really hear about aspects of the industry from true professionals such as Amir and others there. All in all this part was the cherry on the top for me where I picked up many tricks and tips.

Needless to say this was a brilliant day that absolutely surpassed my expectations.


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