Ditra matting

Ditra Matting installation and functional description.


Ditra matting is a modern product that really works! We have been using it regularly for 6/7 years now and we have never had any callbacks on jobs that we used Ditra matting on.

This video to the left is about the best description on the internet and we would simply like to make you aware of the installation requirements for the Ditra matting.

Ditra matting is best suited to areas that move allot. Plywood as a natural product expands and so Ditra is an absolute must on any plywood floor sub base. Another area typically very prone to movement is when two different substrate types meet, for example a concrete floor in the landing hallway meeting up to a timber floor in the living room. The area where these two floor types meet are almost certainly going to crack the tiling.

When installing the Ditra Matting on an uneven floor.

The idea with the Ditra is to eliminate as much movement as possible from being transferred from any other material through to the tiles. So it is best to screed uneven floors first to attain a level, and then apply the Ditra matting on top. So essentially there will be no movement between the Ditra Matting and the tiles. When the Ditra matting is placed to low or gets partially screeded over it becomes less effective.

Installing the Ditra Matting

When actually installing the Ditra the tiler must install it in such a way as to not trap air beneath it. We generally lay it down lightly and attempt to roll it onto the adhesive we have pre-trowelled onto the substrate. We will then use a grout float to methodically compress the Ditra and also brush out the air.

Ditra matting traps moisture

We have found that slow setting adhesives can take allot longer to cure when using Ditra matting. This is because the Ditra acts like a moisture barrier leaving the moisture to only escape upwards. We generally will try to hold off sealing and grouting certain floors such as Victorian tiles if we suspect there is still moisture present. It is also important not to cover floors with corex instead use a breathable dust sheet whilst they are still drying.

Ditra matting and grout spacing

It is said that minimum grout spacings are in place to aid structural integrity  from the effects of structural and materials movement. When using Ditra one reduces this movement and therefore it is the safest way to decrease grout line spacings. We will generally use Ditra on Victorian tiled hallways when we wish to reduce the minimum spacing to less than 1 mm.

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