Brick slip tiling & tilers London

We install brick slips in London and Hertfordshire to very high standards.

We find that many developers etc require the use of Brickslips to blend old and new buildings on account of planning. We also find many home owners use these for internal feature walls.

Brickslips are a fantastic solution to creating the look you desire however they are something that requires an experienced installer. 

Quality on these jobs is absolutely paramount as they are not bricks and as such subject to all the things that make tiles come loose. We know how to make sure they stay stuck!

They need to be installed very cleanly as the high performance adhesive used will stain them in an instant. This means the installer needs  allot of experience in tiling. 

Then finally they require pointing, which in our experience is beyond the skill of normal tilers and requires a bricklayer. They also need to follow the rules of bricklaying to get them to look like they where meant to be there. Without all these things you may be wasting allot of money so do ensure your installer has a a track record of installing brickslips.