Ordering your Black & White Checkerboard floor tiles 15x15cm

g3386These are the 15 x 15 cm Victorian tessellated floor tiles that are best layed in the diagonal fashion with a border. We would recommend the 7cm or 10 cm border with such a large body tile as the 5 cm (standard) may not look that great.

There 44 tiles per squared meter (22 of both color) if layed normally, however layed diagonally there will be more wastage so its recommended to get a minimum of 10% extra. I will describe how to order your body tiles below.


g3564The standard colors are featured in the image on the left however there are more colors to choose from

Black and white is a very traditional look and the contrast between the colors is visually stunning. We do feel this effect is lost slightly on the red and black design


Are changeable and you can choose many different options, however there are some designs that go better with certain body tiles.

Reccomended borders for this 15x15cm checkerboard design are the 7cm border and 10cm border. The 10cm border is used in the image on the right above. And then the next line of the border in the same image is the 7cm tiles (see they are smaller than the body tile, and then get smaller on the next run)

So essentially the 7cm tiles are half the 15cm body tiles, and with these designs we find any border tile less than half the body tile looks wrong. For a comprehensive explanation on ordering borders and body tiles please go here